SPIRIT, laid a thunderous smack down on me and loosed the muck round about in which I joyfully sometimes coil in which I am eternally to toil and in the quiet riot do roil. Enlightened self interest and self love I tried to apprehend using a praxis based upon all things sensorially external yet bamboozled infernal was the incited beguilement charnel. All lead pari passu to the thinking therefore I am instead of I am therefore I am thinking . So I lean on the beam straddling the chasm that digest; tipping softly on taps made of faith I am therefore i am ain’t that lofty but with great attention to the dynamic progressions encountered wobbling but not falling. Life’s beam spans in the between gripped in toes and soul hold joyfully. To be always striving for balanced motion; the equilibrium equation in movement quixotic mathematical emotion having a responsive awareness to comfort and stillness discomfort so in ease so forearmed internal resistance to the stagnation that presages destinations arrival befogged fatigue; the arrogance become death as a golden hind thinking it be more than meat for mead. So knowing all is MIND then I mindfully REMIND the self to root in MIND and the shared countenances that celebrates this pilgrimage into the seem to be; eschewing the sunless solace in simple tolerance thinking shoulds on what people, places and things I ought to be. Seeking approval from anything will never be my goal again. SPIRIT loves me for what I am and for what I am not. I now reach out to people, places and institutions that fill the empty and pour out the full places in me reinforcing what I strive to out picture in the far offing. I move away from those that try to feed me food informed by what I am not. I am a thing SPIRIT made. The horizon is near and new . Be of waning cheer yet wax in the courage not absence in the presence of fear. For in fears presence SPIRIT got me love dancing.

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