I need a break dance accountability crew

There are always better ways to do things. Not taking anything personally or yourself too seriously and being intentionally mindful and open by active listening and passive shut uping to loving edification from trusted accountability partners who have the goal not to wound or injure or weopanize what we may ourselves find objectionable yet still trip into the trap of doing but hav8ng goals of elevating and aligning their partners with the higher operating loving principles we espoused and strive to sustainably demonstrate. The task is to know who to trust in such a energetic bilateral relationcorvette* it aint no simple ship. And eventually being able to self reflex examining ones positionality to challenge dismantle or augment ones epistemology. Most of what happens in the world – actually everything our senses apprehend begins as a materialess electrical signal made of nothing – a thought that has been sewn cobbled and sculpted and floated from the dark deep subconsciousness into the light of active consciousness. Finding out why we think somethings things helps us leverage a field of/for choosing cognition feelings words actions habits character and destiny. Unlearning. We are only what we are when we can’t challenge who we think we are or challenge who others assume we be.


She went before us back home. I was coloring this piece by @christadavid.art in The Juneteenth Edition Coloring Book @coloratl x @powerhauscreative and all I could see in my sight beyond sight more and more vividly after each bardo of every intentional breath was a likeness, a likeness in the unseen spirit real part: the true inhabitant of the body vehicle of which the body is but akin to nuggent around nut earth around diamond and gold ;the purest land part exist outside of the entropy of space/time. its that which is god but not God; of spirit.
memori mento espiritu by @dan.i.am9
“I Will Run My Own Race”
and so she did.
not by night or foot that will not give leave shall we tarry no longer.

Mutharuckin Istians

Why hasnt humanity self annihilated 10 times over by now. Whats really insane is that the world survived from the 40’s’-70’s. Im even surprised that every enslaved person didnt die in a southern mass genocide after Jan 1 1865. When did doing the next right thing in protecting self and then consequently protecting ones herd become an untenable infringement on civil liberty. How did centering self in anti knowing become knowing. Would I go to my barber to replace my hips. I really view not vaccinating oneself is….because why?? And an emotional response has no foundation in reason. And all I can say to that is an old prison adage,” Whats the baby gonna do” . Excalibur is the Internet and the hoe cut both ways.  I think freedom is the blame too. Vaccination should be mandated. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. That in and of itself is faiths testimony. Where are people in their walk? Still in the baby walker and in need of coddling assurance that thay world will set right soon. Some opinions are worse than assholes. They will kill someone. Do unto others as I would have them do unto me is no longer a central tenet of Christianity. What are people saying and what are people meaning when they say they are Christians yet not aligned with activated Christian behavior. I have wondered about that schism from a riven mind for so long. Im sure that the bifurcation of the  psyche bloomed this janus bodied nation that actively obsessively grinds its spirit into human; having flesh for a soul; the material basis for corrective insanity shenanigans where death in nuclear winter is preferred to loss of falsely coveted skinage privilege.

dust in broken rays

dust in broken rays pulled in to the light arrayed binding forms weaving 4 dimensional motes radiant beams into space displaced by mass and gravity settling like dehydrated sleet in snow furls in our wake we leave as we go to cleave skin to a another skin with an ambient heat that beckons, “settle here. unwhirl your sciorroco. if sparingly you must begin to be undone. the steppe and the black sea resign you. because surely the home atop a forearm or climbing the nape of a thin neck will place inside you a heart no longer at ease as the delirious languid cremeation, what progress tipping tipping point, caught in the fast changing end of Zeitgeist was all it was to be: a supplicant shadow always behind; the solemn ass to the tips future shock cast.

Мой человек шесть

the pale king6 and the night kween8, drawing from the heart break everytime the sun rolls round and seperates them from the pale light of the day,

they still holds it down without sway or sub solar ray.

they are separated by the celestial song of sliding made by the moving planetary spheres

the cruelty of spacetime couldn’t hold the Spirit from calling,

their hearts did respond,

though not near.

Jacque Devereaux

In another reality I imagine dwell my sartorial archetypes that I endeavor to uncover more of every change of drags. Jacques Devereaux , Dominique and Billy Dee Williams oldest son and heir, would wear this while on summer holiday with his family in Kennebunkport. I can see him in community with family at the end of a sawgrass and white sanded cold water beach with a rather jovial crowd that from all outward distinctions were not a family but individuals from ever color around the globe. In their midst was the summer prince that needed nothing and wanted even less. His mistakes will be over looked so as to not disrupt the 20 year ascendency framework he and his father hammered together. So feeling lite as light dispersed curl through densities in Keds, Skinny Capris and varsity blues paint a prime narrative. Love the family you were born into and find the family that chooses you.


HIV is not who I am. Its a word symbol bundled around a complex system that can lead to a condition in the human body. Its a word that if spoken communicates something but in and of itself the word is not communicable. Code switching for safety can inversely be also for trapping. Hi Five is code switching armor and linguistic cloaking technology that means HIV.

Flee from me memory

Not even a mangy hyena returns to its own vomitis. The memory of that vibratory taste test on the tip of my tongue has me slip in to a memory of analog hood technology power testing of a found 8volt battery. Is that what power taste like: stomach acid and bile. I however return to what has long been drained of its fecal brown dolphin skin sheen. That ain’t Charlie or Martin. The Nosferatuan pallor of thermo molded linked linear hoarfrost and arsenic of laced layered juniper berry; white Lincoln Logs culled from the kids game, The Versailles and Lincoln. A memory that’s just all grasping; that has forgotten that time and resting gravity sub solar are the sun’s vampire queens. Flee from me memory and the embrace absent of light. Darkness til tragedy-agic doth slay the minds slight.