Dear Chicago (Frankie Knuckles Tribute) – SoundCloud

I could say that I have met him. But of course that would be a fcuking lie. Gosh, to be in the presence in the studio as they are putting spirit on wax, turning it into sound and making sound black and round and responsive to needles, that would be the bees knees. But of course if I was there then I would not know that the very moment I was in was extraordinary. If we could really know when we are making a dent in the collectives history; placing our deeds in a position to imprint on the time lines of the multitude or even to know when an idea that’s a movement forward and reflects infinity to expose another piece of God’s majesty inside an infinitely complex infinitely symmetrical design. Because it’s all God you know right.

Listen to Dear Chicago (Frankie Knuckles Tribute) by Xander Milne #np on #SoundCloud

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