I stepped in to a fall off the terrace of heaven.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I went away and came back again. And since my arrival I have just come to realize that I was suffused by doubt. The kind of lack in what I once knew beyond the shade in shadow And fear; that I aM broken with purpose. I had become a sniveling sobbing wretched pain afraid of faithless men imbuing them with the power in my spirit to climb in to my head and undo the beauty and magnifying power God had shaped from what the chosen unfrozen would call the beginning of life but most others and once myself would call a tragedy of a life. Someone once said to my Mother, “Does anything good come from you” . When I first heard that I didn’t know that there was an alternative means to transmute anger into love. Now I think poor child. Maybe next lifetime. And I carried that kowtowing subservient survival mechanism out of the haus gau. It clung to me like virus and it sucked all my mutant powers to heal away. BE GONE NAMELESS THING YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER i AM INme AND YOUR PURPOSE IS DONE FOUL DAEMON. THE I AM IS IN my EYE AND THAT LIGHT DECAMPS AROUND THE ESSENTIAL FORMS OF TRUTH PEACE AND LOVE REPLACING my LOST INTENTIONAL MINDFULNESS OF THE ACTIVATED GIFTS AND ATTRIBUTES THAT i am

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