Jacque Devereaux

In another reality I imagine dwell my sartorial archetypes that I endeavor to uncover more of every change of drags. Jacques Devereaux , Dominique and Billy Dee Williams oldest son and heir, would wear this while on summer holiday with his family in Kennebunkport. I can see him in community with family at the end of a sawgrass and white sanded cold water beach with a rather jovial crowd that from all outward distinctions were not a family but individuals from ever color around the globe. In their midst was the summer prince that needed nothing and wanted even less. His mistakes will be over looked so as to not disrupt the 20 year ascendency framework he and his father hammered together. So feeling lite as light dispersed curl through densities in Keds, Skinny Capris and varsity blues paint a prime narrative. Love the family you were born into and find the family that chooses you.

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