Fell deepest ever

I have never been here before. I have fallen down I thought in every nook and cranny in my soul, but never here. It’s quiet in this corner. I think it’s the intersection of two walls so I think this is the end of further. There is dust and sand gnats and old manuscripts and a partially broken bust of Nike, the goddess of victory, also in my new never seen before corner of my soul. I thought I just saw a gnat fly by. It was the most amazing thing however because as it buzzed closer it began to look like an old memory being carried on the wings of current regret. Well let me stand up again and gather some light to see because my lighter seems not to be able to work. In time I don’t want to have lighters anymore. There are patches and pockets of light that I saw as I was falling down in my soul. So I will go gather some light and be right black because that’s the biggest least important part of me.

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