I would have found you. I show would have found you in the thicket and in the heat of the concrete jungle. I, writer and model, you my inspiration to scuplt air into words for paper to comfort and hold. We would rub elbows and be well known queer creatives. And around us amassed under one love would have been our courageous queer rainbow family. We both agree that ideas die with the old and as long as we are not seen our existence amongst the crowd is tolerated. But y’all doin us wrong we say in chorus and we watchin our risen family peel off like autumn leaves that leave trees to foster the earth and go where the breeze go when it go home. We are both free from the rapacious unknown that has unmade lions into mortal men. My brothers and sisters that were once a rainbow but now caught fire use the most powerful western tool ; the hubris of privelage to snatch wigs and pull coat tail until they were heard.

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