Whistle Song (Mr. V’s FK Forever Jazz Version) – SoundCloud

I think God wrote this and inspired FN to give His harmony human shape, depth and terrestial form to be with and to dwell amongst us in space time immortal but existent beyond all space and time on the edge of eternity. A song for every time and age past present future that is in symphony arrangement with other celestial sounds heaven bound the brim of sky round that only before were the sounds made by vibrating quantam particles made in the deep that was atime before time was void but now thrills builds undoes and spills bundkes of light with the movement of astral belts around Atlases waist, planets magnetic fields black holds and the increasing density of neutron stars still sons fair abd fun but rushing into old.

Listen to Whistle Song (Mr. V’s FK Forever Jazz Version) by Sole Channel Music on #SoundCloud

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