You just bought made me cry. I admire and endeavor to love like you regardless of any impermanent state of being whatever we experience we need to love each other without barriers, judgement or prejudice imparted because of socially determined status quo. We need to embrace more in loving all our family right where they are in life with welcome open hearts with out distinction cowardice and most of all without judgment lulling down from an ivory tower. A tower whose foundation is a sinking foul smelling stagnant swamp not the foundation often flaunted and professed; a rock anchored in God. Because in truth Christian is not something we are its something we do. Its what We do to others as we would have them do to us. And I know that my life hasnt been and isn’t perfect and I know my offal does stink. I know this reserving my harshest judgments and cuts for myself, my choices, my misunderstanding befuddlement of the true intent of my mother and brothers effort to not change me from me but to change me from how I thought about and loved myself by loving me the best way they knew into that love. I am sad to say we will mourn more than we will know what it’s like for our challenged kin to come out of the dark forest with the edifying gifts of that journey. The flesh body that is seen does become weary because it is not eternal but our spiritual bodies made in the image and likeness of God are indefatigable with infinite resources accessible if we but ask our Father. I am in courage to practice intentional mindfulness to holding captive yet detached from the thoughts and feelings that would steer my tongue into waters not living but actively denying the truth of my wonderful and fearful making as an heir of God, a spiritual being having a human experience. And if this is read and absorbed as a rebuke I am not responsible for anyones else feelings because I know its not about individual feeling its about collectively loving, compassionate edification❤️ and putting the emotional responses away that I had as a child because they are no more use to me as an adult.🖖❤🖖

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