Not another Roman vomitorium story

Vomiting and a vomintorium are not a couple.


In the last three weeks I have been enfeebled and mostly abed because of food poisoning. Anything else that could happen as a consequence of food poisoning did happen. Im up on my first day of wholistic wellness. I am able to spice things up and I am back to walk abouts up town. And the rushing cutts of water splashing like A Big Sea of more than four letter words , Im soon disgourging was once an erstwhile quiet storm beheld and becalmed by a psychic dams embrace quickly shivered loose when wellness surged to replace me in the commons of kind grounds. I am not comfortable wearing a mask. It makes walking belabored. So now its bed time after coloring, writing, coming across The Red Book(gift to self) writing designing studying polyhedron angles, geometry, creating designing and also developing ideas for fractal designed neo tribal wholistic green techno sustainable social democratic co op community anx culture(my friend in Chicago just says cult.)and I have finally begun reading a book about the faulty theory of a completely mechanized/automated zero human work places. Machines with the most advanced augmented intelligences can only make calculations based on the limited sets of data that humans give it to preform a set of limited functions. Unlike machines, as exemplified by some of the few and bright economist when they extrapolated the abysmal trajectory and the dismal eventual outcome that resulted in the Sub Prime Lending crisis during after stretching even into now. Beware of the upright walking two legged wolf in humble Luddite clothing. Hypotheses creative thinking educated guesses intuition rhythm et al are only the province of ablities bequeathed to beings created in the likeness and in the image of Those that created us and that also preside over us. If Balaams ass could talk well then by golly gee as it is above so it is below, no fiddle sticks called. Its ok if I sometimes shine brighter than the lumens of a nuetrino star. I feel thats a type four in the ennegram asset when right sized and not weaponized. I think such shining needs contemplateingnin The Tree of Woe when there is only one way for me to shine that is rooted in anothers oppression and when aforesaud shining is the result on my opinion also rooted in anothers oppression; be it the opression of ideas pg expression of voice of opinion of physical movement religion color gender sex et al please pull my vehicle aside to tell me what you see that I dont see. Love also knows correction. Its just like what Uncle Jimmy B said, for us disagreement and opinions unpacked are not wholly bad unless they are rooted our oppression . Go on my brother ninja my nigma .Ok bye bye

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