Timex Climate

photo by Lincoln Jesser

rates of decay; entropy. i think   that i am spirit encased in a physical form=soul; like the nugent caramel stuck inside a chocolate candy coated eumelanin/pheomelanin shell. general time is the agreed upon watch and calender measurement translationally relevent. relative time might be a dilation of my consciousness squeezed marching to then over bardo. Bardo, the Cosmic AND before the before and tje after the after, sits between all things that have a before and an after or an in and an out breath. it’s where my past catches up to the now but hasn’t made it to the future yet; like cheese wiz in a pressurized container is excreted through a small scalloped plastic nozzle into the world so are all the events unilinear in me fractured squeezed held ordered through and by my brain. when my spirit operates my brain i got a mind. bundled all together i am a soul nestled in the slowest most dense vibration at 432hz. brain over matter over spirit would be none the mxn that is meant to be. that would be some other humxns tool. what bends all of this: gravity, like it bends rain into a bow.

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